The Columbus Coffee Co is a perfect addition for your upcoming event. We cater corporate meetings, employee or customer appreciation days, weddings and private parties. Add a unique feel to your event with local roasted coffee, signature beverages, tropical shaved ice and fun signature drinks. 


Coffee Package 1 – Per Person
  • $5 per person fee. $6 to include Frappes and Smoothies.
  • Allow guests to choose from our full menu and wide selection of espresso and cold brew coffees, lattes, hot chocolates, Italian sodas, signature drinks, frappes, lemonades and teas.
  • Ideal for smaller coffee savvy groups.
  • Minimum fee is $250 for first hour. $125 each additional hour.
  • See our MENU –

Why choose this option? More personalized experience especially for coffee savvy guests. Appropriate for smaller groups (20-50 people/per hour). Guests can try more options. Provides flexibility and customization.

Coffee Package 2 – Per Hour
  • Provide 12oz hot and 16oz cold drinks including coffee, iced cold brew, hot chocolate, iced tea and lemonade. Additional cost for espresso based drinks or frappes.
  • Serve 75 people+ per hour.
  • $325 for first hour. $250 for each additional hour.
  • Include lattes and frappes: $375 first hour. $275 for each additional hour.

Why choose this option? Total budget control, known costs upfront. Ideal for large groups, very fast service, quick turnaround. Unlimited guest count. Guests can return and try multiple items.

The below pricing options can be modified to fit your event and your guest count.

Add Extra Touches – Contact us
Personalized coffee sleeves, beverage pouches, color changing straws and cups, signature drinks and more.

Non-profit discount – 10%
As an active member in our community we believe in giving back. We will provide a 10% discount or sales return to any non-profit organization.

Looking for Shaved Ice rental packages?

Please contact us for more information on booking us for your next event.
Contact@ColumbusCoffee.Co or (614)965-8060.

This was the perfect way to end our wedding weekend. No one waiting in lines before their long drives home for coffee – and we got more time together!

Amanda W.